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Postgraduate Diploma: An Overview


Discover an overview of the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel & Design Management below. Contact us for our brochure with full course details or for any further information.

Postgraduate Diploma

The Postgraduate Diploma at IHTTI offers fantastic opportunities for graduates seeking a new opportunity in their career path, or for those who are currently working in the hospitality industry and require further training to enhance their career opportunities. The programme focuses on four main areas, Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Operations and Hotel Design, with an excellent combination of academic and practical education. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your language through studies in French, German, Spanish or Mandarin.

Semester 1 (5 months)
Food & Beverage Management

This module aims to provide a knowledge and understanding of the management of food and beverage operations, incorporating the history of the food service industry, the composition of the sector, marketing, menu design, facilities design, layout and equipment. The module also introduces the element of human resources management within food and beverage operations.

Visual Technology

Visual Technology is increasingly being used in hospitality establishments to enhance interaction and communication with clients. The module covers a broad spectrum of visual principles and techniques. The course starts with an introduction to web design; students will be challenged, as hospitality professionals to build their own professional website using WordPress. Students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, and will use WordPress to build their website. Design concepts for personal websites and hotel websites will be studied. During the second half of the semester students will aquire in-depth overview of SketchUp, Photoshop, and Vray. Essential design software that will allow you to graphically express creativity and design concepts.

Housekeeping Management Practice & Studies

This module is designed to enable students to develop their understanding of the principles of housekeeping management and their application in today’s hospitality industry. It also incorporates knowledge and application of budget control, staff productivity and performance, as applied to housekeeping, within the hospitality environment.

Human Resources Management

The course is designed to introduce students to the functions of managing people in the Hospitality industry from a Human Resource perspective. The course is centered towards the interaction of management and employees, with the key focus on team work. This module provides basis for critical appraisal of organizational and managerial processes, which influence the behavior, and performance of people in the hospitality industry. It will also give students a better understanding of the HR function as an employee or as a manager.

Culinary Practice & Studies

This module aims to provide students with the theoretical underpinning for the concurrent practical application in the modules: Food & Beverage Service Practice & Supervision. This module embraces the principles and techniques required for professional execution of food and beverage production in tandem with food and beverage service.

Service Practice & Studies

This module is designed to introduce MIB1 students to the fundamentals of food & beverage service, initially through practical application with an emphasis on supervisory techniques.
Students learn and practice the application of the previously acquired theory in F&B service theory & menu planning. The styles of service practically taught providing the simulation of what will be expected during employment in the food and beverage industry.

Financial Accounting

The module focuses on the use of financial analysis and control techniques utilizing relevant data, based on a variety of case studies. It also addresses investment in the hospitality industry, financial projections and portfolio management.

Rooms Division Management Studies

This module aims to give students a 360 degrees’ overview of the concierge, rooms division and front office department of a hotel. It starts by developing world-class concierge service skills, along with the required leadership and communication skills needed to succeed in concierge and hospitality operations. The rooms division department in a hotel overlook the front office, security, and housekeeping management of the property. The module is designed to introduce students to the world of rooms division, looking into management contracts, star ratings, and the guest flow in a hotel. We will then work on hotel Ratios, and Revenue management concepts. Room sales techniques and innovation in these departments end the course.

Front Office & Back Office System

This module aims to provide students with the concepts and skills associated with hotel software. The module addresses different kinds of technologies that are installed and used to operate a hotel. Students will create and install processes and systems associated with hotel software. The course will focus on two types of technologies mainly efficiency and performance based technologies.

Marketing Management for Hospitality

This module will explore the phenomenal growth of consumption on a global context and the role of marketing, and specifically promotion in relation to this. In so doing, the module will identify links between the strategic marketing process and marketing roles within global competitive business environments. This module aims to give students knowledge of the planning process that is specifically related to service industry marketing. The module aims to develop students’ market students and analytic skills related to practical marketing planning issue, through the use of real world case studies and guest lecturers. The module aims to deliver a balance of service marketing planning theory, practical problem-solving case assignments and current topical issues in service marketing.

Academic Communication

This module aims to provide students with a sound understanding and knowledge of an effective and linear process of research writing and presentation skills to guarantee business success, using effective document formatting and presentation tools like Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. The module also incorporates the concept of website design as a credible presentation and marketing vehicle. 

Interior Design

The module covers a broad spectrum of interior decorating principles in order for the student to personalise and transform interiors and to acquire the knowledge and skills of dressing a room in different finishes. Students will be challenged with transforming a specific room, taking clients’ needs into consideration. Emphasis will be placed on applying the use of different colours, styles, textiles, lighting, window and floor coverings, textures and accessories, in order to create aeshetic appeal.

Professional Career Development

The career development Module which aims to prepare our students for the International Recruitment Forum or for their internships.
The Module aim is to provide you with an understanding of employability, an opportunity to develop relevant career management skills, introduce you to the key issues of career decision making, and personal development and to equip you with the skills to make effective decision.
Your success and career satisfaction is the primary goal of our school and we believe that you can turn your motivated strengths and interests into meaningful careers. We believe that it is not just about the destination but it is also about the journey. And it is more than just a job, it is about creating a life.
One of the tools that we have created to assist you with this process is the Career Development classes which will run from week 1 to week 10. During those classes, relevant and valuable information on how to fight for a job that interests you.

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